Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dear Dolly

Do you ever feel like this dear dolly? I sure do. Old & worn, cracked & peeling, beat & battered by life. I'm sure she's seen some rough times, scorching hot days, and bitterly cold nights. She's probably been chewed on by the cat, yanked away by a big brother, and squeezed a little too hard by a young girl. But take a closer look... it looks as if she's got a hint of a smile still! And she's looking up! She seems so fragile, and yet so strong to have made it through all that she has lived. After all that she's been through, she is still around, still bringing joy to those who will accept it, and still a beautiful, dear dolly.
This doll belonged to my great grandmother who was born in the 1860s. I'm not sure how old the doll is or when my great grandmother acquired her. I remember my Mama showing her to me several times over the years, taking her out of the cedar chest and unwrapping this precious old doll. A few years ago, Mama told me she wanted me to have the dolls (there's another small china doll that belonged to Mama's mother) but I wouldn't take them just yet. I told Mama to keep them as long as she wanted so she could take them out and look at them once in a while. Last autumn they became mine. Very soon I will have them displayed in my workroom so I can be reminded and inspired every single day...


  1. I do feel like that at times, old and worn down! I love the doll, it must have a very interesting history. Nita

  2. What sweet memories and a sweet doll. And a wonderful reminder of those who loved them before.

  3. Oh Lana, she's beautiful for all she's been through and so are YOU! This life can be
    oh so hard, but our next one will be HEAVEN!
    fondly, Deena

  4. Hi Lana...she looks well loved, too, doesn't she!


  5. Lana,

    What a beautiful doll!! I love her, she wears her scars proudly of her life. And she is still here.


  6. I not only feel like she might, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE weathered dolls. What a gift to have her!


  7. She's beautiful, perfect.
    And I love these last two post.

  8. I found it very touching when you mentioned your mother taking the dollie out to show you. How sweet of her to offer it to you, but being the sweet person you are, naturally, you wanted her to keep it a bit longer to enjoy. You are a dear heart.

  9. Just lovely Lana! What a special reminder of your mother. :) She deserves a special place in your home, and I'm sure will be loved and cherished for years to some.