Thursday, May 31, 2007

Texture and Age = Timeless Beauty

It's been a few days since my last post ~ and I had some very sweet friends tell me they missed seeing something every day ~ thank you!

I'm in a hurry this morning but wanted to share a few of my very favorite things, just Simple Joys really, nothing of value or importance, but little beauties in my eyes.

I found these gold leaf medallions a few years ago in a thrift store. So old and fragile, crackly and flaking, very faintly stamped Italy on the back, but I love them. I love the texture and the age. I love that someone else loved them enough to save them all these years.

I love these old wooden pieces too. Barely holding together, dry and brittle with age, but someone loved these enough to save them for another who would come along and cherish them ~ me. The one in the back was in my Dad's junk drawer ~ he was a collector of "stuff" as well.

I've noticed that most everything that is truly beautiful to me is old, cracked, withered, peeling, flaking, it has a HISTORY... and yet WE are so afraid to get old. We try our best to look young, we don't want anyone to see the age and the texture of our lives, but that's what makes us beautiful. That's what makes us interesting and unique. I turned 40 a few months back ~ I have a few silver hairs among the dark brown ~ the wrinkles are yet to come, but I don't dread them. They mean that I have lived life, I have loved life, and I will enjoy all that life has to give...
Have a beautifully blessed day ~ and life.


  1. Nice sentiment this morning Lana! And I love the old and weathered pieces favorite pieces are also the ones that look the most used, and loved. :)

  2. "Your Young...Young my dear!!" You are so right..."Character is Aging!! Your as young as you feel, right? And I Feel Young and Vibrant every day, Thanks to The "Lord" He is good and I am not afraid of growing old!! Love your Post really inspired me to re~think...

    (Your little surprise is on it's way..if not you received it already)

    Blessings to you!!

  3. Thank you Lana for a beautiful post and gentle reminder that we are to love ourselves no matter our age...even the wrinkles!

    And the treasures you have are wonderful, I love old things too. :)


  4. Beautiful pieces! I love old cracked and peeling paint things, too. It's the history I love most!

    It's great that J's a "collector", too!:-)

    Beautiful post!
    Back Porch Musings

  5. Wonderful sentiment, and I totally agree! (it's taken me a few years to get to that point, too :)

    I loved the photos today, too...

  6. I too love this post Lana. I love the detail of those pieces too!!!You really made me think...


  7. Such a beautiful post, love love it. xxoo, Dawn

  8. Lana, dear, you should love me too! I am old, 63, but not cracked or peeling yet! LOL-I know how busy you are, hope you visit my blog again soon.
    Take care.

  9. Lana, I love those things that you found & are cherishing. Architectural pieces are such a beauty to look at. yes, we do try to stay young, don't we? Gracefully aging, that's what I hope to do.

    Southern Hospitality