Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Spring Cleaning in the Fall

Hi everyone!

About this time of year I get the urge to do something akin to spring cleaning... in the fall! I also have an ulterior motive for clearing out my shop but I can't reveal the details just yet. ;-)

From now until September 15th, I am offering all love tokens and jewelry at a 50% discount... no matter how many pieces you order.
The items are in my Etsy shop and prices are not reduced there.
You will need to email me your choice(s) and I will send you a PayPal invoice with the 50% discounts. Shipping is a flat $6 in the U.S. If you are outside the US and wish to place an order, just email me for a shipping quote.

You may see the jewelry here:

the love tokens here:

and one lone paperweight here:

Happy shopping!

Take Care & God bless,

P.S. Thank you for your interest in my work! I appreciate all of you so much!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I've Been Busy...

Recently I've been working on linocut designs.... I changed up my old pumpkins a bit, then made new word designs. Can you tell I love the turquoise ink? :)

I've also made a couple of my vintage book page wreaths. Hard to believe I've been selling them since 2008!

I also have some wool applique designs to get busy on this week.
I'll be back soon to share some more photos.

Take care & God bless,

Friday, July 18, 2014

Get an Early Start on Your Autumn Decor!

If I decorate for a holiday, I am usually a last minute decorator. Maybe it's because I dread getting down boxes of decorations and I don't even want to think of fighting the holiday crowds at the stores. So I finally set out a candle or two that evokes feelings of fall and pumpkins and burning leaves... oh wait! That's my candle burning and wax running over the edge of the table... and that is why I now use candle warmers, lol!

I do love cozy, rustic scented candles and I love leaves and pumpkins and warm colors of autumn. My little velvet pumpkins are just the thing for a touch of autumn here and there without going overboard or dragging out half the boxes of holiday decor only to find I decided to get rid of my old decor and make new fresh looking items... which never happened.

I also like decorating with pumpkin artwork. Everyone puts out a fall wreath or a pumpkin or a bowl of acorns and gourds... but how many people bother to change out the artwork on their walls for fall? I do that now that I have some of my own paintings to use.. and I have some in my Etsy shop if you'd like something special for your wall, too!

I'll let you in on something... I have a coupon code for 30% off anything and everything in my Lana Manis Designs Etsy shop... including original artwork! It's good through July 31st and is in celebration of my 30th wedding anniversary later this month! Just use this code during checkout: 30YEARS and you'll get 30% off! :)

As for the velvet pumpkins, you can orders yours right here. I have over 3 dozen velvet pumpkins made and ready to ship. They are made from vintage velvet and recycled wool (cashmere, lambswool, etc.). They are about 4" across and do double duty as a pincushion if needed!

Choose by pumpkin color listed under each photo.
Stem and leaf color will vary slightly but you may specify if you want green or neutral.

Just email me --- lanamanis{at}gmail.com OR honeysucklelane{at}hotmail.com --- with your choices. I'll get right back to you with a PayPal invoice.

$25 each plus a flat rate of $5 shipping in the US.
If outside the US, please email me for a shipping quote.






Thanks for stopping by...
have a blessed weekend!


Friday, July 11, 2014

Catching Up from May to July

Do you like a picture story? That's what we'll do this time since I have to cover 2 1/2 months... with just a small amount of narration. You can click on the photos for larger views. :)

The kids gave me a new 70-300mm zoom lens for Mother's Day. Love it!

I listed some small church paintings on Etsy.

Painted more antique and vintage book covers. Just fun, carefree florals... nothing fancy.

Someone thought it would be funny to leave me this message when I suggested they do something clever with the Scrabble tiles. I always leave them on the kitchen counter in case someone thinks of a verse, a quote, a word or two for the day. Thanks, Wes! ;)

We had flycatchers hatch on the front porch... and make a mess.

Visited cemeteries.

Found a 4 foot long snakeskin at the edge of the yard.

Picked some gorgeous peonies at a neighbor's house...

and picked some more...

and took photos of even more...

and more... but I think I'll share those in the next blog post. :)

Saw a skunk...

and a doe and her spotted fawn off in the distance...

Did some yard work (it looks much better than this now)...

and got sidetracked from yard work by a frog and Ava...

Took morning and evening breaks to watch the birds and the rabbits and the chipmunks eat and play in the yard...

Picked daisies...

Found baby birds in my wisteria...

Took care of little ones for a little while. You can read the story here.

Washed out at the Lavender Festival with rain and storms... but there's lots of art in my Etsy shop now! :)

Made dozens of vintage velvet pumpkins! The finished ones are not listed in my Etsy shop yet, but I'll get them there soon.

Painted more...

even 2-1/2" miniatures!

Had some of the best smoked brisket ever! More about that later... it deserves its own post!

And painted more churches...

Even though it doesn't look like it, I did do some work, too, lol! I just don't usually photograph dirty, uninteresting work.

That pretty much hit the highlights of my photo files from May until now. I left out a few things here and there to share later.

Thanks for hanging around....

Take care and God bless!