Friday, March 2, 2018

Antique and Vintage Books

Four shelves, three books deep, vintage and antique... I collect old books that will never be torn apart, but I have repurposed many old books that were falling apart during more than 10 years of wreath-making for my Simple Joys Paperie shop. That translated into thousands of pages, and many days and weeks of wrist and elbow injuries from repetitive use. I don't make the wreaths anymore, except for the occasional special request, and it's time to pare down extensively.

These books range in date from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s. A very few are as new as the 1970s. Although most could still be read, all could be used for decorative purposes.

If you'd like to see what's available, visit my shop blog... this is where I list things until I have time to add them to my Etsy shop.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Preacher's Daughter Collection

It didn't take me long to come up with a title for this collection, Preacher's Daughter. I was born a preacher's daughter. I don't know how soon, but I'm sure Mama and Daddy took me to church not many days after I was born. As far back as I can remember, going to church was part of my life.

Each time I sketch a church on a page, I think back to the old country churches we visited when I was a little girl. Daddy was a country preacher, pastored several churches during his lifetime, and held many revivals in the rural areas of middle and east Tennessee where we lived. He played the guitar and he and Mama sang together. They loved the Lord and wanted others to know of His goodness, mercy, and love.

I still attend a little country church. It's where my husband I were married more than thirty years ago. It's where our children grew up hearing the preached Word and learning more and more about Jesus. And now, with our little granddaughter, a third generation of our family will sing hymns and learn about God's love in the same country church.

Most of the pages used for this collection are from the actual song books we sang from in church. When the decades of use have frayed the covers and caused the spines to set the pages free, the books have been set aside and replaced with new ones. That's when I get them and the pages are born again, sharing their message with folks who want to give them a home.

These are the original pages from a 1951 book, not photocopies.
The art is original, sketched in ink and charcoal directly over the hymn.
The wood plaque is painted black and a matte finish is applied to the art and plaque.

Each plaque is approximately 8 3/4" x 11 1/2".
A sawtooth hanger is attached to the back for hanging.
Each listing will have the titles of the songs on the page, and the copyright year of the song, if shown.

If you'd like to purchase, please visit my little shop blog.

Take care and God bless,
(the preacher's daughter)

Monday, February 12, 2018

Something Simple & Nostalgic in the Making

I've got plans for a collection of country churches. They're simple ink and charcoal sketches on vintage hymn pages. They're nostalgic. And they're made from the heart. I do hope you like them.

I'll have them ready by the weekend.

Take care and God bless,

Thursday, February 8, 2018

2018 Love Token Collection, part 2

I made a few puzzle purse valentines last week and forgot to mention it here on my blog. So now there is only one available... good for me... not so good for you if you wanted more. You can see it here.

In the next few days, I hope to have three more love tokens in velvet frames. I have a few in my Simple Joys Paperie etsy shop.

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

2018 Love Token Collection, part 1

Perfect gifts for friendship, engagements, weddings, and anniversaries, these one-of-a-kind pieces are inspired by valentines of the 18th and 19th centuries.
I have hand-cut each piece so no two are alike.

They have been made from:
~ antique French documents from the 1800s to 1900,

~ parchment papers that I have stained, aged, painted with watercolors,
~ parchment papers which have been printed with copies of 18th century early American letters,
~ embossed, foil papers from my vintage & antique card and envelope collection,
~ and snippets of vintage letters or envelopes.

Please visit this link to shop the Valentine collection.

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