Saturday, September 2, 2017

Petite Pumpkin Papercuttings 2017 Collection

I've finished a small collection of pumpkin papercuttings this week. They are available on my shop blog if you'd like to see them.


Happy September!!!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Jewelry, Fraktur, A Bird in the Hand...

I've listed a few more items for sale... pop on over to my shop blog link to see what's available!

Have a lovely weekend,

Monday, July 31, 2017

Rustic, Rural, Whimsical Art

I've been adding new work to my shop, Honeysuckle Lane.
And if you'd like to see works in progress, follow along over at Instagram.
I really like the paintings I've done this summer...
lavender and bees,
old churches,
barns and fields,
rural landscapes...
it's more like me...
of what I know...
of where I live.

I live in rural Tennessee... the Cumberland Plateau... the Southern Appalachians... always have, always will. Fields full of wildflowers, old barns, little country churches, and overgrown home-places are forever in my heart. It's hard not to paint what you love, and I love all of these and more.

Come back soon to visit. It's been to quiet around here. :)

God bless,

Friday, March 24, 2017

Same Old, Same Old...

Time seems to get away from me more and more. Spring is here and I have so much on my to-do list... and here I am still making Love Tokens! I guess they really are good for year 'round gifts. You can give someone a love token for so many reasons: a wedding, an anniversary, an engagement, an I Love You sentiment, a Best Friend gift... you see what I mean?

There were only 6 left from my first collection, and this second collection has been sold except for one. In this second collection, each valentine is displayed in an antique velvet frame.
Four of them have original 18th and 19th century French document papers for the background. The other one has an embossed fragment of a French document for the cuff. I love this new (old) element that has been added to them.

If you'd like to see them, please visit my Honeysuckle Lane shop. The one pictured above can be found here (it's #2 - the only one left on that page).

Hopefully, next time I'll have some spring related things to talk about! :)

Take care and God bless,