Friday, August 20, 2010

Help! (updated)

I was going through some of my things this morning, getting ready to thin out a bit and take photos for an online junk sale...

I placed this old jar in the pitcher, just to make room on the counter.
It slipped right in...

A few minutes later when I started to get it out, it turned slightly sideways and got stuck!!!

I've tried
dish liquid,
vegetable oil,
hot water,
cold water...


It is stuck!

Any ideas?



Thank you for all the suggestions! :)

Glad we could amuse you Lenore, lol! ;)
Yvonne, I laughed about saying a prayer and then whacking it on the counter!
And Ginny, I did think about leaving them stuck together.
Carol, I thought about freezing them, but then was afraid I'd break them if they got too cold.
Julie, I didn't have Pam, but I did try cooking oil and then dish liquid, but that didn't work.
Cheryl, I put ice cubes in the jar and placed the pitcher in very warm water in the sink...

and waited...

and then my son came into the kitchen and tried to get them apart a few times to no avail...

then my husband came home from work and Wesley just had to tell his dad that
"mom needs help"...

I told Roger to just leave them alone and I'd work on them later,
but you know guys...

so Roger wriggled them a bit...

and a bit more...

and then they slipped just a bit...

and I said ok, it's working, just leave it alone and I'll finish up...

but you know guys...

so Roger wriggled them a bit more while Wesley looked on...

and I heard a little sound...

and I said ok, that's enough, I've got it...

but you know guys...

they just can't let something get the best of them...

and it didn't...

the pitcher cracked and the jar came out.

Grrrr, guys!!!

I will say though, that if one had to break I'm glad it was the fairly new pitcher and not the old glass jar.
I love those glass jars...

and I love my guys! :)


Now, in reference to my junk sale...

I'll be posting more information about it tomorrow and explaining what it will be funding.

If you like old glass bottles, antique gold rimmed glassware, etched glass carafes and drinking glasses, craft books, cream pottery, etc. I just may have something you'd like.

Thanks for checking back in!


  1. Maybe put it in the freezer for a few minutes so both glasses can contract???

  2. Oh dear!Sounds like you have tried almost everything. Well, there is only one thing left to do... say a little prayer and whack it on the counter. YOu have a darling blog!

  3. put a few ice cubes in the top blue jar & set the pitcher in shallow real warm water (Not too Hot or it may break) keep trying to gently seperate~ if not, decide which one is worth more & crack the other.... Good Luck!

  4. How about leaving it the way it is! Someone sympathetic and creative may have a fine use for it as it is!

  5. I think the ice cubes and warm water is a great idea...

    barring that - I'd also try spraying with PAM or something like that all over the places where the two meet and put them in the freezer for an hour or so. When they come out, they SHOULD expand at different rates, so hopefully will come "unstuck" at that point...


  6. Oh, Lana I don't have any kind of solution for you but got a kick out of your dilemma and some of the comments on how to solve it.
    Hope you get that jar out without breaking it!!!

  7. how frustrating that none of the ideas worked!
    don't your darling little pots know the law of

  8. LOL, he meant well! Thank goodness the old jar survived!

  9. Wonderful story Lana,
    I have been enjoying your blogs this morning. I believe the best things survive. Men can be a bit of a ram, when handeling a delicate job. The pitcher can still hold dried flowers or pencils. So, no loss, but what a great story. Thank you for your comment on my jars, I am glad yours survived. All your glass is wonderful and I wish you luck with your sale. I must visit you more often, to catch the beauty here.