Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back-tracking and Moving Forward...

(Vintage Ivory French Paper Wreath is available at Simple Joys Paperie)
There have been so many things I wanted to mention, people to thank for their kind words, and things to show you. You know how life is ~ as wonderful as it is, it is sometimes overwhelming and there's just not enough time in the day (even if you get up at 5am stay up till 1am!). This post may seem scattered (like most of my others, lol!) but I am going to try to make mention of several things in this one to catch up and then move on.....
Vintage Indie ~ Featured my Little Goat Vintage Paper Wreath ~ here. It has SOLD ~ thank you!
Stephanie / Primitive Folk Art ~ listed my doll in her etsy treasury here: (oops! I just checked the link and it has expired, sorry!). Thank you so much Stephanie!
Cheryl of Peaceful Blessings gave me The Lemonade Award ~ thank you Cheryl! Please stop by her blog. I'm sure you'll enjoy the visit! Oh and Cheryl ~ I love your blog banner!

And then of FlatWoods Folk Art asked to feature me in her Yummy Yummy Blog Discovery. Wow! I told her thank you but I was blushing from all the nice things she said! You may find it here:

I think that just about covers all the things I wanted to mention....

Oh wait! My new etsy shop is now open! About 2 hours before it was to debut last night, we had a major water leak which involved clearing out a large utility closet, cutting a 2' x 4' hole in the wall, and cutting out and putting in new pipes. Because of that, I didn't quite get everything listed that I had intended to list. I'll get those on one day this week. But come on over and have a look around at Simple Joys Paperie. The French text wreath at the top of this post, and the love token below are some of the new items available.


  1. I just went to your new Etsy shop, everything is lovely (I wouldn't expect anything less!) Good luck with it!

  2. Love the new shop Lana! Every offering is so pretty. So sorry about your plumbing "adventure"?
    (although, I'm sure Roger didn't think it was an adventure!)

  3. Marked your new Etsy shop as one of my favorites. Sorry to hear about the plumbing. Life is messy, isn't it?

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  4. All simply beautiful! Hope it's a sell out...your lovely things usually do.
    xo Lidy

  5. Your new etsy shop is lovely Lana!!!

    I too am finding it very hard to keep up with everything's very frustrating!

    I see in the post below(so sorry i missed your giveaway by the way) that you mixed up your days..i too thought today was Tuesday..when i looked at the online showed Wednesday and I actually said to myself...well geez..just blow right over Tuesday why don't you..what about this storm we are having..LOL..I was all confused. sorry to ramble...have a great day and here's hoping you catch up on everything.


  6. Lana, you are so very welcome! Your doll was the belle of the ball. :) There is a screen shot of the treasury here if you want to save it.
    And congrats on your awards and the opening of your lovely new Etsy shop!!

  7. I just love the paper French wreath.Its so beautiful.I think I may have to have one.Hugs Marie Antionette