Monday, October 20, 2008

Fun & Funky Fall!

I've been making jewelry items for a few years now, mostly soldered charms and beaded pieces. Last week I decided to try something a little different, just for fun, to learn a few new techniques... after all... I have all the time in the world.... right??? LOL! I really should have been working on orders: dolls, valentines, Christmas cards, and a pumpkin... but I just HAVE to take a break now and then in between the "have tos" and do a "want to"... does that makes sense?
I combined beads from a few vintage necklaces, along with a few new items, made all the wire chains myself, and here's what I came up with:

It's a bit fun and funky looking, with loads of autumn hued beads:

There's a necklace and matching bracelet:

This autumn ensemble is on etsy right now if you are interested in it:

When I was taking pics outside, my batteries died. Snowflake (who is never snow white because she is always digging holes in the dirt), was watching me. I pointed at the birdhouse and jewelry and told her, "don't you dare bother this while I go get fresh batteries". She loves to scavenge lost and misplaced items and hoard them in her doghouse... shoes, gloves, turkey feathers that I have picked up and placed on the swing till I get ready to go inside, small hand gardening tools, a bouquet of flowers that I picked and put in the swing for just a couple of minutes, etc. I ran in the house, grabbed my batteries, and when I came back out, there she sat, guarding the jewelry, lol! She sat there till I took her photo and then she went back to lay down on the warm leaves in the sun. She's a good little girl... sometimes!

Now that I'm hooked on making my own chains and doing all the wire wrapping, I hope to make some unique pieces using many of the trinkets I've collected over the years while junking.

Stay tuned....


  1. Cool jewelry- I have tried it a few times and still have trouble with the soldering. Oh, well, it's not like I need another hobby or anything....

  2. Your autumn jewelry is so beautiful and unique!


  3. I got my package! Thank you for the lavender :) It is keeping my car smelling un-school-buslike!

  4. This is lovely Lana....great work....

    Hope this finds you well...


  5. Very pretty creation! and your doggy is SO CUTE! Blessings, Laura

  6. Wonderful jewlery love the autumn hues. Snowflake is cute as can be. Love visiting your are a ray of sunshine Lana.