Monday, July 14, 2008

French Inspired Adornments, Christmas, and Canning Beans...?

Hmmm, how can I connect the items in the title? Simple! I have been working on all of those this past week ~ multi-tasking is my middle name! Actually Marlene is my middle name but we'll just pretend today, lol! And I'm really not that good at multi-tasking. I usually have so many projects going at once that I get overwhelmed and threaten to run away from home for a few days. Then I realize that wouldn't work because all of my projects and more would be waiting for me when I returned, so I just do the best that I can.

I have several new items for sale on my website and the online markets that I am a part of ~ just click the HONEYSUCKLE LANE WARES ARE FOUND HERE links in the sidebar to see what's new. I did jump the gun a little bit and update my website a day early. Yesterday was our Homecoming at church, and tonight is the beginning of week long revival meetings, so I will be gone a few hours each night this week. I had rather update my website a little early instead of late.

The first two photos (above) are in the French collection and may be seen on my website (check out the Artwork and Whimsies pages) and they will also be listed on Simply Primitives on the 15th.

The photo below is part of my Simple Joys IVORY Note Cards that are on the Artwork page of my site, as well as being on The Primitive Gathering this month.

I'm sure I'll be picking more beans this week and that take a lot of time to pick, string, break, and can ~ whew ~ I'm tired just thinking about it, lol! That's another reason for my updating early ~ gardening and canning. While working in the garden, if I get tired of picking beans, or squash, or whatever is ripe, I just remind myself that we are blessed to have a garden that is producing so well.

Let's see, I still needed to mention Christmas ~ TDIPT Mercantile is doing a Christmas in July theme so be sure to check it out. We have new items on there on the 1st and 15th of each month, but the webmaster usually updates the evening before. The same goes for the other markets that I am a member of and if you don't want to miss an update, sign up on their mailing lists to be notified when they update and have the new pages ready.

I guess that covers all the topics... I'd better get busy...

Have a blessed week.




  1. Lana, all your new creations are beautiful...I can' wait to see them all....

    I've passed along The Brillante Blog award to you...please pop over to my blog when you get a chance, pick it up and share the joy!!


  2. Love all of your new offerings, Miss Multi-tasking. You have been very busy!

  3. Lana,I love every single thing that you have pictured!Your artwork is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Très jolie couleur bleutée pour ce pique-aiguilles tout en beauté !