Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Looking For A Home...

Don't worry, I'm not begging you to take a stray puppy or kitten, though I'm sure there are numerous softies out there who couldn't resist!
Actually, things are winding down for me for the summer. Orders are getting finished this week and I will be packing up the contents of my garage... finally! I will have to be willing to sort and separate and purge. It's definitely going to hurt, but I have to let go of some things I've collected and saved for so long. I've got to get down to business and decide what to keep and what to pass on to someone else to enjoy or dream up a creation for a particular treasure. I also have to get the rest of my inventory out the door so I can start with a clean slate the end of summer. I'll have a new workroom (or studio if you want to call it that), new ideas, new creations... I can hardly wait! Of course I will be working on my old tried and true designs for the holidays as well. I will have enough trouble storing all my supplies, props, and tools without trying to keep my hand made items handy in case someone wants something while I'm remodeling. I wouldn't turn away a sale, but I might have a little difficulty finding a needle in a haystack!
I will post photos and prices of items that are here with me and need a home. If you see something you would like to have or something that would be just the thing for a friend, please email me (my address is in my profile at the left of this page) and I'll get back with you on shipping and the total. You may also find these on my website, Honeysuckle Lane, and contact me through the link there.
Autumn Bouquet Wall Hanging: I designed this wall hanging and sold patterns to quilt shops across the US. This is the original and was shown at a couple of Quilt Markets by National Nonwovens, a wool felt company. $60
Vintage Baby Shoe Pincushion: How sweet and spring-like this piece is! This make-do pincushion is made from an old ... planter possibly? Just look at all the little crazing under the glaze. There is one very old chip that is visible, but in my opinion it just lends to the vintage charm of the piece. The pincushion is made from a cotton damask tablecloth and stuffed with wool scraps. I've added a few old buttons and pins ~ all of which are vintage ~ faux pearl, faceted bead, purple glass... all kinds of tops on the pins. For a touch of vintage whimsy, I added a piece of old-fashioned tinsel around the base of the pincushion. 5" tall. Signed and dated on the bottom, Lana Manis 2007.
Fraktur Bird with Folk Art Frame: Inspired by early-American folk art motifs. Hand painted on aged watercolor paper; detailed with sepia India ink. Signed Lana Manis 2007. Frame: custom-made, pine with walnut block corners; painted brown and blue with blue watercolor flowers on the walnut blocks; combed waves, dabbed circles; distressed; hand rubbed beeswax finish; brown paper dust cover; saw tooth hanger.
One-of-a-kind ~ 12" x 14" including frame
Fraktur Bird Watercolor: Inspired by early-American folk art motifs. Hand painted on aged watercolor paper; detailed with sepia India ink. Signed Lana Manis 2007. Frame: Painted black, sanded and distressed with hand rubbed beeswax finish; Brown paper dust cover with saw tooth hanger. This piece is behind glass (added after photo was taken).
One-of-a-kind ~ 10 1/2" x 12 1/2" including frame
The following items are no longer available:

Thank You & God Bless! Lana


  1. I love your pincushions, Lana. Hope you have the best summer and I'll be waiting for pics of that new workroom.


    p.s. love the pumpkins in the basket!!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful, Lana..of course:o)!!