Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mystery Boxes

Ok, so it's not quite the kind of mystery box you may have in mind. I haven't been in my workroom making pretty boxes for you to display in your home. In fact, I've been trying to clear out my own space just so I will be able to finally work like I should and need to work.

I have over twenty large flat rate boxes full of fabric scraps to offer you for only $10 each plus shipping! Each box is stuffed as full as I can get it and there will be a variety of fabrics... scraps, yardage, and vintage... in the boxes.

I have been amassing supplies for about 25 years and some of these items have been stored in tote boxes for ten years or more! It's time to do something with everything.

A few of the boxes are filled with upholstery fabric samples that came from a large fabric warehouse. I thought I use them but just have too many things on my to do list and just don't have time. I think they make great patchwork hand bags, nice smaller clutches and bags, and even some neat looking pincushions!

Some of the boxes include fabrics that have Williamsburg and colonial style prints on them.

Besides fabric, there are a few boxes with old cutter quilts and a set of wooden boxes... perfect boxes for your handmade dolls!

Visit my little shop blog of you'd like to see and read all about the mystery boxes / grab boxes.

Have a lovely evening,

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