Monday, October 19, 2015

Simplifying Business

Remember when I began selling online as Honeysuckle Lane? It seems like a lifetime ago! In 2004, on my old website (you can see one of the old banners above)... on my Inspirations page... I talked of how and why I was inspired to name my business Honeysuckle Lane. Well that has never left me, even when I tested the waters of modern, whimsical designs. And so, here I am again, re-thinking my business --- will it ever end, you wonder??? But... I have come full circle. I have come home... home to Honeysuckle Lane. :)

As I near 50 (ok, I'm only 48 but I'll get there soon) and as I look forward to my first grandchild in January, and as I see more and more things I want to accomplish here at home, in our home and outside our home, I want to simplify my life. I'm not sure that's even possible, but I am going to start with work. Oh, believe me I am not slowing down on handwork! I am just making it simpler. Simpler to find, simpler to manage, simpler all the way around. I have enjoyed Simple Joys Paperie and Lana Manis Designs, but they will close. When I make paper love tokens and paper whimsies and when I paint a few whimsical still lifes, I'll pop them in my Honeysuckle Lane shop.
And I do still enjoy the lighter style of modern whimsy, and I'm sure you will see it here and there in my work. But to make things simpler, everything will be Honeysuckle Lane --- the blog, the Etsy shop (for now), and eventually the website.

So thank you for staying with me all these years, and for recently finding me --- all of you are appreciated!

I have made a 50% off coupon code for the two shops that are going to close:

When you are ready to check out and are viewing your cart, under the payment options is an "apply shop coupon code" link. Click that link and type GOODBYE2015 in the box and it will take 50% off your order. I will not be adding anything else to these shops other than a few more art prints that I found in a box that had not been listed.

As for Honeysuckle Lane... I will be working on more more early style pincushions, needlework, and Christmas ornaments over the next several weeks. I will announce the web show dates a little closer to time. I hope to eventually leave Etsy and sell on my own shop blog or website. It'll just take time to get everything ready.

Thanks for visiting me today!

Take care and God bless,

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