Saturday, August 15, 2015

Thrift Store Coffee Table & Velvet Pumpkins

In my last post I mentioned pumpkins would have to wait. That was not the case today. I already had several stuffed and sculpted, waiting on leaves and stems. So while I had tomatoes simmering on the stove and jars of tomato juice in the canner, I sat at the dining table and added the finishing touches to a few pumpkins.

And then I placed them in an old ironstone compote bowl and placed that on a thrift store coffee table I bought yesterday... for $10!!!

I LOVE the aqua color in contrast to the pumpkins! What do you think?

I only have the lighter pumpkins photographed and listed. I'll take photos of the darker orange ones Monday.

Oh, and I hope to get a quilt finished next week, too! Yes, I am that far behind in quilt-making. :)


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