Friday, June 5, 2015

Lavender, Peonies, and Puppies

I'm still here...

still painting lavender-scapes for the Lavender Festival that will be June 20th in Oak Ridge, TN.

Trying to work in a small bit of gardening, though that's pretty much on hold until the festival is over.

And taking care of a beagle / corgi --- Buddy --- that had to have surgery for a torn CCL that would not heal.

Tomorrow we will be spending the day with our kids and daughter-in-law --- but I think of her when I say kids, she's just like one of our own and immediately felt like family when we met her. We will be enjoying smoked baby back ribs and chicken breasts, along with red potato salad, Uncle Ben's long Grain and Wild Rice (LOVE Uncle Ben!)  and peanut butter pie for dessert. I'll have to share the smoker with you soon. It's one my husband made from an old refrigerator!

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Oh, I love that blurry scape up top! Please do share the smoker your husband made! I know mine would be very interested in seeing it. My corgi Millie and I send healing thoughts to your Buddy.

    1. Thanks, Dori! I'll share smoker pics soon....

  2. Good morning...Lovely, the doggy relaxing is so cute...

    1. He is a spoiled little dog, that's for sure!