Thursday, September 2, 2010

i HEART old books

... the older, the better, the more tattered and worn, the better. New books are ok, but old books, I adore.
I'm sure I've told you that before... probably several times. :)

I know what you're thinking ~ "If you love them so much why do you tear them up?"

I do use quite a few to make my wreaths and other paper whimsies, but believe me, I have LOTS more that I won't use.

They will forever remain on my book shelves.

This week I've listed two church hymnal wreaths and two medical book wreaths in my Etsy shop,
all of which are made from old books, books that are falling apart or have torn pages or have pages that have been written on ...

I have several more wreaths and other paper pretties to make in the coming weeks for my new website, Simple Joys Paperie, but I wanted to slowly start adding more to my Etsy shop since summer is winding down and online shopping is revving up again.

Do you like old books?
What's your most treasured book?
Do you have a book you'd like to see made into a wreath?
Please leave a comment ~ I'd love to know! :)



  1. i adore old books AND hymnals! i still have my
    own from 4th grade choir and use it all the time.

    what you do with the lovely old pages is so
    creative and beautiful. i'm going to hop over to
    your etsy shoppe!

    i think i will just keep mine on the shelves,
    though, to read from time to time. :)

  2. I love old books too!....the look, the feel, and the smell! :)

    Jeff has a hymnal that dates back to the 1600's, that would be our most treasured book.