Monday, September 13, 2010

Going, Going ...

Gone!!! Or at least they will be gone very soon...

( Jennifer Lanne original painting)

My Junk Sale will continue a few more days

( vintage gravy boat )

There's a deal going on right now:

For each purchase of a NEW listing,
you may choose an item from the OLD listings at 50% off!

( vintage gold ring glass carafes )

I was going to close the sale by the 15th, but after being sick a few days, I didn't have time to list all of my vintage Christmas items. So the Junk Sale has been extended a little longer to give me time to list Christmas pieces later this month.

( vintage colander )

( pedestal chocolate mug )

( creamy white art pottery )

( Homer Loughlin platter)

 ( silver tray )

Come on over for a visit when you have time...



  1. Hi Lana,

    I just saw in one of my 'somerset' type magazines that they took a silver tray, painted the center with chalkboard paint, and hung it up and used it in the kitchen as a chalkboard. It was really a cute tray when they finished. If you don't sell it, you might give that a try and use it!

  2. Nice things you have for sale, the silver tray is my fav, I am a huge sucker for them...I think I have 6!

  3. hi lana, you have a great eye as well as being a talented artist! i'd love for you to link up a craft project or recipe today at a crafty soiree!