Monday, January 4, 2010

Reporting In...

when you have nothing to talk about, post a cute cat photo......

or two...

or three...

That's Scooter in the top photo. He's adjusted well here and wants to be near someone all the time or sitting in a window watching the birds. Scooter is a bit of a pest though, and Sam (photos 2 & 3) hides from him so he can sleep for hours on end.

I'm busy working on Tattered Angel Wings and Vintage Book Wreaths, but will have lots of new Valentine items ready by January 15th.
Take Care and God Bless,


  1. Funny cat pictures always work well for blog filler! LOL. Hope you are staying warm over in your neck of the woods!

  2. Awww, cute kitty photos are always a "hit"! Happy New Year, Lana!

  3. I use to have a Maine Coon named Bailey. We moved and had to give him away but they are very happy to have him. Your cats are beautiful!

  4. Is Sam a Maine Coon cat? I have 3 Maine Coon cats and he looks like one of them. See them on my blog at Your art is gorgeous, I voted for you and you were easily the BEST, nothing else came close!
    THanks. Marcy

  5. Sam was a kitten of a stray mama cat that came to my mom's house several years ago. The vet told me that he was part Maine Coon (see the "M" on his forehead?). Here is another post about him:
    If you do a search on my blog, you'll get a few more posts about him as well.

  6. Yes, the cute cat photos do the trick!
    Good luck on the Etsy vote!