Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Honeysuckle Lane / Simple Joys Paperie work in print!

I happened to be thumbing through a magazine at the store several days ago and saw a familiar name, so I decided to splurge that day and purchase the issue. Later, when I was looking at the articles again, I saw something familiar hanging in front of a fireplace ~ one of my glitter cones (!) similar to the ones in the photo below. If you'd like to see, it's the Spring/Summer issue of Romantic Country, page 16.

I emailed the lady in the article to congratulate her about being featured and she said there would be an article that mentions her in the June 2009 issue of Sunset magazine. She also said she thought they would be using a photo of her door with one of my paper wreaths as the decoration! I can't seem to find Sunset here in TN, so I looked for it online, and today the June issue came out. Here's the feature: http://www.sunset.com/travel/southwest/santa-fe-toca-activities-00400000046181/. If you look at the small photos on the left underneath the large photo (in that link), you'll see my wreath hanging on a beautiful blue door. You can click on the pic to enlarge it. The wreath is similar to the one below. It is made with vintage sheet music instead of my usual vintage book pages.

As far as I know, my work wasn't mentioned since it just happened to be part of the decor, but no matter, I was thrilled to just see it in print!
I've got to come down from the clouds (cloud nine to be exact) as I have A LOT of silk ribbon pillows to get embroidered... in less than four weeks... yikes! I used to dye some of my ribbons, and hadn't done that for some time, but will hand dye more ribbon this year to use in my embroideries and ribbon rose accessories.
I'll try to check back in later this week. Thanks for stopping by!
Take Care & God Bless,


  1. I'm SO not surprised sweet Lana!!! Your work is just beautiful!!! Everything you do is wonderful, from silk ribbon embroidery to paper crafts ~ Congratulations sweetie!!!! xxoo, Dawn

  2. I am not surprised either - loved your wreaths the moment I saw one and made a treasury around one! CONGRATS -well deserved...

  3. What a wonderful surprise, Lana! Congratulations, you deserve the recognition. Becky

  4. Congratulations! Your wreaths are beautiful, and your embroidery is just gorgeous!

  5. Thanks ladies! Now I'm on a hunt for a place to purchase that particular issue of Sunset...

  6. Hi Lana, How exciting!!! I have to run out and get both issues! I don't know if this helps or not but I can get my at Barnes and Knoble. They seem to have every magazine around. You work is wonderful and deserves to seen!!!, Have fun,Julie

  7. Un vrai régal ces fleurs de papier !!!