Thursday, May 8, 2008

Simple Joys ~ they just keep comin'

I have been so busy ~ does life ever slow down? I did happen to take a little time to walk around outdoors yesterday afternoon and thought I'd share a couple photos of my irises. I'll share more flowers in a few more days. I wish you could smell the one in the top photo. The sweet scent is so strong! The iris was my Mom's favorite flower. I can't help but think of her every time I see one.

We are ready to hang the sheetrock in my workroom (previously the garage) and next will come the paint! I am so excited about finally getting all my "stuff" out of everyone's way and in a room specifically for me to work in.
There's also been gardening to do. So far we have:
  1. sweet corn
  2. pole beans (forgot the name)
  3. black beans
  4. carrots
  5. green bell pepper
  6. red bell pepper
  7. crimson sweet watermelon
  8. charleston gray watermelon
  9. cantaloupe
  10. tomatoes (2 or 3 kinds)
  11. cabbage
  12. red cabbage
  13. head lettuce
  14. cucumbers (3 kinds ~ I couldn't decide)
  15. cayenne pepper
  16. hot banana pepper
  17. jalapeno pepper
  18. potatoes
  19. onions
  20. yellow squash
  21. butternut squash
  22. okra (not planted yet ~ have to go pick up the seeds at the local produce market)

I think that's all ~ we are running out of room!

I am also working on handmade items for the Lavender Festival that is in Oak Ridge, TN on June 21st. I'll post more information later, or you may email me for more information.

I have a couple scherenschnitte papercuttings on ebay (one now and one will list at 8pm tonight). The ROSEBUD papercutting (below) is available now for $35. Email me if you're interested. If it's still available at 8pm, it will list on ebay as a BUY IT NOW. A friend of mine, Cheri, got me interested in scherenschnitte a few years ago and I did a few silhouettes but got busy with other things and set the papercuttings aside. I have decided to try it again, this time doing other designs besides portrait silhouettes and am thoroughly enjoying it!

(Rosebud is SOLD ~ thanks!)


  1. Hi Lana! Thank you for taking the time to visit me at my blog! What a sweet surprise, and I am so glad you found me so I could find YOU! I love your Etsy store; such wonderful things there! And I don't know if you looked back far enough in my archives on the blog, but I think I showed in Feb., some of the papercuttings I used to do, so of course I love yours! Wonderful, beautiful work, Lana! Take care and hope you'll visit me again soon!

  2. Okay that is all SO beautiful! The flowers, the thought of your very own craft room, the garden...I'm so jealous...everything burns out here in az and the PAPERCUTTINGS! Absolutely gorgeous!
    My joys? Right now, my 6 yr old singing Love Shack and my 1 year running in nothing but a pink tutu! It's her sister's and she loves it! Have a great weekend! Somehow I know you will! :)


  3. What beautiful flowers! Jeez, you are making me exhausted with all your plans...LOL!!!
    Your offerings are lovely, of course:o)!!

  4. hi lana... so fun to see your iris! they were my grandmas favorite flower, they always remind me of her. when the people we love are gone from us for awhile it's wonderful to be reminded of them in our garden. love the picture your hubby did too... hey, can i come to dinner when your garden is grown?

  5. Ooohhh, I can smell those beautiful flowers.

    Time, what pray tell is that?

    I'm so happy for you with your wonderful garden!

    Yes, Etsy! There's a wonderful full page ad for it in the latest ME.


  6. Beautiful photos Lana. Spring is such a pretty season. And your garden sounds yummy! The new papercuttings are must do more!

  7. Dear Lana, how do you find the time to be so industrious?? Your garden list is amazing! I wish we lived closer so that you could give me a few pointers. We've tried a few vegetables the past couple of summers, but with (esp. with last year's drought) not much success. I loved reading about "simple joys" too. How sweet. I am one who always has to pick or cut and bring at least something inside. But my sweet m-i-l is like you... she wants to leave them in the yard for all to enjoy. The paper cutting is stunning!!


  8. Hello dear Lana. CAR here. It's been a while. I couldn't resist telling you how lucky I think you are for having that wonderful garden! So many wonderful things planted. Bill and I talked about having a nice big one, but time has not permitted. Rehabing mother's house has just taken so much time away from our own. Maybe next year. In the meantime, I'll just have to settle for tomatoes, basil and parsley.
    Take good care.

  9. Lana, your paper cuttings are lovely as are your photos.......your garden sounds wonderful. You will have to show us the progress as the summer passes.


  10. Hi Lana. Your Iris' are so beautiful.

    You are certainly putting in a very large garden this year, can't wait to see some pictures :)

    I love the paper cuttings you do. They are wonderful.

    Have a great day,

  11. Hi Lana. Your Iris' are so beautiful.

    You are certainly putting in a very large garden this year, can't wait to see some pictures :)

    I love the paper cuttings you do. They are wonderful.

    Have a great day,

  12. Your iris are beautiful! I love the brown ones. Come over and join us for Bloomin' Tuesday! Click on the button on my sidebar for details.

  13. LL... I'm popping in for some fresh veggies - and a lil turkey man-show on the side!


  14. Oh Lana..your iris's are gorgeous! I love your new pieces and alway look forward to seeing what you are busy creating!

    Have a blessed day today...Susan

  15. I should hop in the car and go to that festival...would my three boys be entertained by it at all? We might just spend the night...daddy works 24/7 all summer.
    Your garden!! Girl you are gonna be healthy :)

  16. I just have to say how MUCH I love these paper cuttings, Lana. I think they are absolutely wonderful and so well done!
    sparrow's cottage