Thursday, September 27, 2007

Visitors in the Night

Hi everyone!
We had a "little" excitement last night and I wanted to share it with you.
My family and I live out in the country, so we have all sorts of critters around us. Some stay at a distance and make themselves known with howls and calls and such, and others are a little more adventureous and make themselves at home on our back porch, snacking on the leftover cat food.
Last night, our little fiest, Snowflake, started barking and we assumed it was a deer crossing the yard as they usually do at night. Snowflake's barking was persistent though and we decided maybe it was the huge frog that stays on the porch at night. I've often found him sitting in Snowflake's water dish, maybe because of the long drought we've experienced this summer? Even after we told her it was okay and to go back in her doghouse, she continued to bark, but this bark was as if she had a squirrell treed. My husband went out on the front porch with a flashlight and right on the corner of the porch, in my flower pot, was a baby raccoon! Oh, it thought it was a biggie... growling and snarling at Snowflake each time she stepped closer.

Then hubby heard a noise above his head, and there at the top of the drain pipe was another one!

They were so sweet, but yes, they can be vicious if approached. We looked around the yard and up in trees, but no mama was to be found. Hubby says it's possible that the mama was killed and they are wandering on their own. I hope that's not the case and they just got away from her for a while. We left the babies alone after assuring Snowflake that everything was okay and she went to her doghouse to sleep. I think Snowflake just wanted us to know we had visitors. When I got up at 5:20 this morning, I checked and the little rascals were gone. Hopefully they will be more careful, but I wouldn't mind another night time visit from them.
Take Care & God Bless,


  1. Oh my! Look at those little bandits, :) I know they are wild, but they are cute too!

  2. They sure are darling but they can also wreck havoc. Last summer there was a family of 3 living in the drain out in front of our house.People started to feed them and before you know it they actually started coming to front doors letting us know they were awake and looking for vittles.So if you don't want "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" I'd make sure there was nothing around to tempt them! Susan

  3. Lana -

    Thanks for stopping by my Blog. I love yours! You do beautiful art work! What a cute story about the racoons. Our dog will tree a racoon once in a while I think they are so cute! I have never seen babies though, adorable!

    Take care, Sharon

  4. They sure are so "Sweet Looking"...don't let them fool you. LOL

  5. Those are two cute bandits you had visit. Hopefully, they have found their mother. I would hate to think of those two little ones on their own.

  6. Sometimes company is nice, Not unexpected though. They are kind of cute but mischievous. You do beautiful work I love your altered art so creative you are. Thank you for sharing your talent with me. Pinkie Denise

  7. "How cute is that???" What a treat to see, only once or twice...but not all the time, right??

    Come by and see my animal post, will get a kick out of this story one of my friends emailed to, I asked her if i could post it.

    God Bless YOU!!

  8. Those little critters..cute but sure can tear up porch screens and carry off bird feeders!!! LOL

  9. so cute...I've always wanted to hold one (no chance!)

  10. Whoa- those are some amazing shots!! I guess Halloween is on the way with these visitors showing up with their festive masks!

  11. Ow my gosh, too cute. I've never seen a baby up close in my yard before.

  12. what wonderful pics you were able to get! And as Miss Maddoe says, they like scratching and giggling at your back door.

  13. Oh MY Lana! How cute is that? I remember when we first moved into this 100 year old store I live in, we were just coming through the door for the first time after being on the road forever and what greeted us was a family of racoons. They decided they liked this old place when it was empty and people free. We had a devil of a time getting them out. They are really cute but devious! Pam

  14. Those babies are adorable, Lana!
    I know you must have been surprised.