Sunday, August 5, 2007


... to a dear, sweet friend of mine ~ Suzanne of Painter of the Past / Pear Tree Primitives!

Be sure to visit her website and her blog and wish her a happy day.

Don't forget to sign up for her give away too ~ It's in celebration of the opening of her new website!


p.s. I went to the 127 Sale yesterday and have some wonderful things to share with you next week ~ It originated in my hometown 20 years ago and has been an annual event ever since!



  1. Ooo...looking forward to next week when you share your finds!

  2. Lana! You surprised me!! I came over for a visit and find a post about my birthday... (So glad you didn't tell my age!) LOL! Thank you for the birthday wishes and the beautiful card!....and my present, "A Bird in the Hand"! You are a sweet sweet friend.

    If you don't own one of Lana's beautiful "handmades", you definitely need to put one on your list for this year!!!

    (((Big Hugs)))

  3. hi lana! happy birthday to suzanne!!!! she's a sweetie, no wonder she's a friend of yours!

  4. I'm new to blogging and came across you blog. Love it, love your 'bird in hand'. Looking forward to seeing some of your finds from the 127 sale. Will visit again - Alice

  5. I am new to blogging and came across your blog in my search for finding fun and interesting sights. Love you 'Bird in Hand' and look forward to seeing some of you sale finds from the 127 sale.
    Hope to visit again and you will visit my blog - Alice

  6. Oh, I didn't know it was her birthday! I'll pop right over to wish her a happy one. Thanks!


  7. Oh Lana,you lucky girl, I was sopposed to go to the 127 Yard sale but I canceled the trip. Tell me was it great? Shall I go next year? I can't wait to see all your treasures.
    thanks Becky

  8. Me too, me too, I'm looking forward to seeing what you found!! I have always wanted to shop that.

    I am sorry I am late for Suzanne's birthday...going over there now to see if there is any cake left.

  9. Lana,
    How delightful to have rediscovered you! It has brightened my day more than you know.
    Arms around you in a warm embrace old friend.

  10. Good Morning Lana. Because you are such a sweetheart I am taking you with the "NICE MATTERS" Award. Please visit my blog to retrieve your banner and then tag 5 to 7 of your nicest friends.

    Thank you.

    Your birds in hand lovelies are just wonderful..I do so love them.

    Take care
    doreen :)