Saturday, May 12, 2007

Finds of the Day

Yesterday, one of my sisters and I went out of town for the day. We went to Goodwill, Salvation Army, and a yard sale among other places. Of course, these were my favorite stops!

I hadn't found so much in one day in a long time. Some of it is for myself, and some will be used in the items I make and sell. I think it was a good amount for a good price ~ $29 for everything I'm about to list:

1. Old painted wall cabinet with mirror (LOVE the cubby holes inside!)

2. Painted and crackled bench (needs a cushion or I might get a glass top and use it for a table)

3. Ironstone sugar (I collect brown transferware and this will look nice with it even though it's not all brown and white)

4. Ironstone creamer (to match)

5. Metal flower frog (the thing you put in the bottom of a vase to hold the flowers)

6. Glass dome with wood base (I'll probably use it for one of my handmade dolls)

7. Wood boxes (2 of them to paint ~ maybe fraktur inspired birds and flowers)

8. Silver plated woven basket (to hold little strawberry emeries I make)

9. Vintage Alice in Wonderland book

10. Wooden tool carrier (perfect once I paint it and add some of my handmade *glass*glitter* white pumpkins)

11. Vintage gilt frame (the gilt has worn off in places, but that's what I like about it)

12. Wooden whimsies (4 of them ~ maybe they went on the ends of drapery poles or were screwed in the wall and used to hold the draperies back? I'll find another use though)

13. Large wooden pedestal (oh what a grand make-do pincushion this will make!)

14. Ziplock bag full of vintage and antique laces and trims. (The golden yellow cotton lace ~ 9 yards of it! ~ and sheer ruffled trim with red edging is especially pretty.)

15. Several pieces of muslin, linen, and silk. (They were rolled up in little bundles and tied with fabric strips. One had a handwritten note that said "real small pieces of fine muslin". Most of these are from old clothing. Some of the linen and muslin pieces were gathered sleeves, and the silk looks as if it's cut from a dress bodice. I'll have to use these delicate pieces for doll dresses.)

16. A Wal-Mart bag stuffed full of excelsior straw, spanish moss, raffia, vintage crepe paper, and styrofoam balls. (I'll use all of this for my handmade creations a little later. The moss and raffia will fill baskets and wooden boxes as nests for my hand made birds and glass glitter pumpkins. The balls are great to use as a base for the heads of paper clay dolls.)

And here they are......

I think that's everything ~ I was so happy with my finds, but it would have been as special a day if I hadn't found a thing. My sister and I had fun and enjoyed our time together. She's had a huge battle with breast cancer for the last several months. If you've read about my Sisters dolls on my website or are on my mailing list, you'll already know a little of what I'm talking about. So, it was a blessing just to spend the day with her. God has been so good to our family, and continues to watch over us. He is in control and we are forever grateful for His Goodness and Mercy.



  1. Dear Lana, I am SO HAPPY that you and your sister had a wonderful day together. I know that this has been a difficult year for all of your family, but I know you have your faith that is so powerful and good.
    I have to say, you sure did get LOTS of wonderful things yesterday! All that for $29!! You go girl! I know you will make beautiful creations out of all of them.
    Take care.

  2. Wow! What great finds, indeed! I love that little cabinet and all it's cubbies. Can't wait to see all of the beautiful things you will make with them.
    So glad you were able to spend a fun day with your sis.


  3. I love it all! Wow, what bargains! My mum and I are avid garage salers and are up every Saturday morning at the crack of dawn to rummage through the beautiful junk. We also love visiting the thrift shops during the fall/winter months to get our garage sale fix!

  4. Oh wow!!!! I love it all. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Wish I could have been there too!!!


  5. Raised In CottonSaturday, May 12, 2007

    Oh my goodness! What wonderful treasures, I especially love that little table. I would love to thrifting with you!


  6. Thanks! I felt like I'd hit the jackpot that day. It was so much fun. My sis isn't into "junk" like I am, but she did find a gorgeous lavender linen dress and jacket ~ she LOVES to shop for clothes.


  7. WOW Lana!!! What a find ... those are some GREAT objects!!! I wish I had someone close here that would go thrift shopping with me. It's always more fun to go with friends or family. :)

    I also send some loving hugs and prayers to you today ... I wish you a Happy Mother's Day ... as you celebrate being a Mom. But I also offer gentle hugs ... as you remember your Mom, too.

    God bless you ...
    xo -Dana

  8. Happy Mothers day,